Translation services

CIKLOPEA offers high quality and professional translation services. Our translation services include most world languages and all our translators are highly educated experts. We provide a guarantee of quality and adherence to international translation standards and business ethics for all translation services. Many years of experience in providing translation services and high competence of our employees are a guarantee of quality for all provided translation services.

We approach each translation project individually, taking into account the specific characteristics of the client and the activity they engage in because we believe that good communication with the client contributes to the quality and adequacy of the delivered translation service. Our goal is to provide quality, relevant and accurate information taking into account parameters such as the equivalence between the source and target message, the adequacy of the translation with respect to the client’s requirements (translation brief), intratextual and intertextual coherence. Furthermore, a good translation helps establish a bridge between cultures, which has always been one of the fundamental tasks of the translation profession.

During the process of translation and delivery of interpretation services we strictly comply with the following professional standards:

  • integrity and quality of the translation and use of appropriate terminology,
  • spelling and language check of the translation,
  • strict adherence to delivery deadlines,
  • strict adherence to confidentiality,
  • preserving the layout of the original document,
  • adherence to the agreed price,
  • subsequent checks to remove all ambiguities related to the text.

We provide translation services for the following areas of expertise:

  • medicine and pharmacy,
  • electrical engineering,
  • mechanical engineering,
  • IT and telecommunications,
  • software,
  • applications for smartphones,
  • technical instructions,
  • user manuals,
  • legal documentation,
  • economics and marketing,
  • financial reporting and analyses,
  • business correspondence,
  • theses, studies and dissertations,
  • concept, main and detailed designs,
  • tender documentation,
  • tourism brochures,
  • websites.