Ciklopea is an industry focused outsourcing language partner providing high tech language services and support in languages of Southeast Europe - Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Montenegrin, Albanian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Ukrainian and Russian. Ciklopea's portfolio of services is divided into four groups: translation, localization, consulting and interpreting services.

Translation Services

Translation services include management of translation projects, written translation service, as well as supporting services such as language revision or editing.

Localization Services

localization translatorLocalization services include localization project management, localization, internationalization and globalization services, as well as supporting.

Consulting Services

Consulting services include a wide range of advisory, managerial and other linguistic and intercultural consulting expert services such as management and consulting in translation or localization projects, education, copywriting, SEO, SEM consulting.

Interpretation Services

Interpreting services include written translation notarization by court interpreters, simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, as well as conference equipment rental and technical support for conferences, meetings or business trips.


translation contentThe content we provide is 100% authentic, written in an SEO-friendly manner, using the data from the target market research and following the project requirements.


ciklopea translation globalizationGoing global means having a product or service localized to the linguistic, cultural, technical and legal environments of several target markets.

The Languages We Translate

  • Albanian language Albanian language
  • Bosnian language Bosnian language
  • Bulgarian language Bulgarian language
  • Czech language Czech language
  • German language German language
  • English language English language
  • Greek language Greek language
  • Croatian language Croatian language
  • Hungarian language Hungarian language
  • Italian language Italian language
  • Montenegrin language Montenegrin language
  • Macedonian language Macedonian language
  • Polish language Polish language
  • Romanian language Romanian language
  • Serbian language Serbian language
  • Russian language Russian language
  • Slovenian language Slovenian language
  • Slovak language Slovak language
  • Turkish language Turkish language
  • Ukrainian language Ukrainian language

Why Choose Us?

More than a decade of experience in life sciences, technology and manufacturing, legal, finance, insurance and general business, tourism and hospitality localization and translation and a highly developed project management is what makes us different.

Excellence in Language Services

Ciklopea is certified in accordance with standards:

•    ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System
•    ISO 17100:2015 Quality Management System for Translation Companies
•    ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System