What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different
translation and localization projects in an innovative way

It is quite difficult to find the right term to describe us. We are not just a translation agency, or just a language services provider, or just a consultancy. In fact, we are all of these things and more. We come to your company, talk to you, and together we define a task or challenge. We give you access to our resources and offer the best solution. We do exactly this: we find and suggest the best possible solution when it comes to translation or localization issues. We use a personal approach to each client, develop a plan of action, and manage translation and localization projects in an innovative way, by infusing the process with an additional value.

  • Focus on relationships
    At Ciklopea, we focus on building relationships and work hard to maintain long-lasting and positive business relationships.
  • Language and subject matter expertise
    We possess unique knowledge and skills in the field of language services. This rich knowledge and experience was gained through work in various fields and industries, such as biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences, IT and telecommunications, manufacturing and consumer products, finance and insurance, law, marketing and tourism.
  • Tech-savvy and customer centric
    Technology is a tool that changes constantly. We are able to learn quickly and adapt easily to new technologies. Through efficient integration of the best technologies, we create an additional value and deliver a high-quality service recognized by our many clients.
  • Continuous improvement of processes
    Our business philosophy is based on the management of change. Our key goal is to develop the competence of our team members and to assure commitment in the process of implementing improvements. Every business process is planned, analyzed, and improved where necessary.