Core Values

Core Values
Each individual takes responsibility for solving problems

The values that represent the core of our organisational culture and business approach are the following:

Diversity and uniqueness

  • We are not just one of the many translation agencies. We ask questions and actively listen to what our clients have to say. We analyze their needs, adapt to their requests and continuously look for innovative and specialized solutions for each individual client.

Positive attitude and proactive approach

  • Our team has a positive approach to all work tasks and proactively seeks practical solutions even in the most demanding situations. Each individual takes responsibility for solving problems, while taking into account the preservation of the team's integrity.


  • We are result-oriented and have clearly defined standards of quality and work performance. We endeavor to maximize the value of the service that we offer in relation to the invested resources, while placing an emphasis on exceeding clients' expectations in regard to our operational excellence.


  • As a team, together we find solutions even for seemingly insurmountable problems. We are guided by enthusiasm and passion for accomplishing common goals. We respect each other, just like we respect our partners, clients and suppliers.


  • We think and act like leaders at all times and in all situations. We are dedicated to continuous learning and development. We recognize and develop talent to encourage individuals to achieve their full potential.