Ciklopea is a well-known name and regional leader in the language services industry. As a professional translation centre with offices in Croatia (Zagreb and Rijeka) and Serbia (Belgrade) and a highly competent team of specialized experts, we help companies from various industries and institutions to overcome language and cultural barriers and enable their fast and efficient multilingual communication with the target market. We provide our clients with support for translation and interpretation services for most world languages, with a particular focus and specialization in localization for the languages of South East Europe.

As your outsourcing partner, we deliver a complete language service. We are ready to offer you the shortest response time in our industry and a high degree of professionalism. In addition to that, we guarantee high-quality services, assured through the support of our overall business system, a guaranteed delivery time and the flexibility to meet the individual needs of clients.

At the end of the project, we provide support to our clients. Ciklopea is led by a professional management team, and during our employment process, we specifically emphasize competence and expertise. We do not adjust to the competition on the market, but rather strive to be different and recognized as the leader that dictates trends. We have a clearly defined vision, business strategy and operational plan. With vast experience in a range of different projects and experience in various industries and specialized fields, we are always at the disposal of our clients. We ensure high-quality teamwork by recognizing the needs of our clients, fully utilizing the knowledge and skills of the people involved in the project. Our team is professional, fast and reliable and works in accordance with the highest industry standards.

Ciklopea has grown into one of the leading translation and localization companies in the region of South East Europe in a very short time, and we invite you to find out why our clients choose to succinctly describe us as fast and professional.