Russian language

The Russian language is the Slavic language with the largest number of speakers. Together with Ukrainian, Belarusian and Rusyn languages it constitutes the East Slavic language group. The standard Russian language is based on the dialect spoken in Moscow. Russian is the mother tongue to approximately 180,000,000 people, 130,000,000 of which live in Russia. Russian is the official language in Russia, Belarus (together with Belarusian), Kazakhstan (together with Kazakh), Kyrgyzstan (together with Kyrgyz) and the Ukrainian Autonomous Republic of Crimea (together with Ukrainian). In these and other former Soviet Union countries Russian is the mother tongue of a part of the population and to a greater or lesser extent the language of public life. Russian is widely used in culture, science and technology. Including those who speak it as their second language, Russian is spoken by approximately 300,000,000 people. The Russian language is 7th most important language in the world and one of 6 official languages of the United Nations.

All our translations from Russian and into Russian are entrusted to highly educated experts - professors of Russian language and literature or specialists in a particular field, native speakers with at least 5 (five) years of experience in translating most diverse topics. Some of them have a Master's Degree in the field of Russian language, and most of them are certified court interpreters for the Russian language. As a result of these demanding and rigorous criteria in selecting our professional staff, our translators for the Russian language are highly competent, so our high-quality translations from Russian and into Russian meet the highest professional standards.