CIKLOPEA is one of the leading translation and localization support solution providers across a number of industries in the wider region of South Eastern Europe. To effectively meet the unique requirements of each industry, CIKLOPEA has created dedicated internal teams whose primary focus is to serve the needs of our clients. From business-related documents and contracts, translation and editing of technical documentation, software or website localization to language quality assurance, pre-press services or cultural awareness consulting for the markets of South Eastern Europe we strive to be a reliable partner ensuring the quality of your final product. For our clients from different industries we represent a one-stop shop when it comes to language support solutions. We take care of all their documentation needs, providing press-ready materials which not only comply with the local legal requirements, but which also enhance the brand reception. In addition to translation and localization services for the markets of South Eastern Europe, we work with our industry clients to facilitate and improve the translation and localization process of future projects, thus improving the efficiency of the process and reducing the costs and time to market. CIKLOPEA possesses extensive language support experience in the following industry fields: