• The Source of It All: Unlocking Translation Productivity

    Miloš Matović 19.01.2017 Translation

    The Source of It All: Unlocking Translation Productivity

    A word is, inter alia, the most common unit of measurement in the language industry and in this respect it is understood as a string of characters between two spaces. A translator’s productivity is expressed by the number of words he or she is able to translate per day. This figure usually clocks at 2000 – 2500 words, although it can vary depending on the circumstances, such as type, complexity or purpose of the materials. Some of the most common opportunities and challenges to translation productivity include:

    # Clarity of the Source Material

    The linguistic quality of the source ...

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  • Translation of product packaging

    Maja Peradin 29.07.2014 Translation

    Translation of product packaging
    Marketinški sadržaj ambalaže pomaže u plasiranju proizvoda na određeno tržište i mora biti u skladu s ciljnom kulturom te ciljnom dobnom i spolnom skupinom za taj proizvod.
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  • Free MT services and information security

    Marina Orešković 22.07.2014 Translation

    Free MT services and information security

    After the recent events concerning information leakage and information security, it became clear to everyone that the Internet is not the safest place for the transfer, processing and storage of information. Governments and companies throughout the world are investing large funds and efforts to increase the security and integrity of information, while at the same time the frequent use of free Internet translation services is easily forgotten. According to data published by Google in 2013, more than 200 million people use the most popular Internet tool for free translation every day, and that the ...

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  • Advantages of machine translation

    Marina Orešković 08.07.2014 Translation

    Advantages of machine translation

    Machine translation has already become a part of our reality that we cannot ignore, not now nor in the future. When thinking of the advantages provided by machine translation, most people will agree that these generic and publicly available tools are useful and that the quality of translation they offer has grown increasingly better, however, that they cannot be used by professional translators and for the translation industry. Therefore, when we talk about the benefits of machine translation in the professional sense, we primarily think of specially developed systems for machine translation, intended for a particular area ...

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  • The use of generic tools for machine translation

    Marina Orešković 01.07.2014 Translation

    The use of generic tools for machine translation

    Machine translation is a topic about which anyone who has ever even thought about translation has their own opinion. Translators, proofreaders, translation companies, traditional or Internet newspaper publishers, users, that is to say clients, manufacturers and suppliers of various products and services – all of them have been in contact with machine translation, and they have formed their own attitude about it based on the experience they gained and on their satisfaction with the given results. Despite the various translation needs and purposes, as well as the satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the given results of machine translation ...

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