• General knowledge and marketing in simultaneous interpreting

    Nicoletta Balija 30.09.2014 Interpreting

    General knowledge and marketing in simultaneous interpreting

    As every September, the town of Rovinj was a host to media and marketing professionals on yet another Weekend Media Festival. Not even the rain which accompanied the event could stop the flood of novelties and ideas that were presented to the large audience by the media and marketing industry.

    Considering the fact that this is a specific and rapidly developing sector which concerns all industries (from print media to technology, from TV subscriptions to banking), the flow of ideas, novelties and information is essential for the further development of the sector. The amount of information that is presented ...

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  • The Future of Interpreting with Skype Translator

    Miloš Matović 15.07.2014 Interpreting

    The Future of Interpreting with Skype Translator

    The highlight of this year’s debut Code Conference held from 27th and 29th of May in Rancho Palos Verdes, California was the unveiling of Skype Translator, Microsoft’s latest and the most advanced app for machine translation. After almost fifteen years of careful study of speech recognition and machine translation Microsoft Research, the same team responsible for development of Kinect, is getting even closer to the standards of communication previously only seen in Sci-Fi movies: the (near) real time translation of the conversation between the two people speaking on Skype ...

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  • Microsoft introduced real-time translation tool for Skype

    Ciklopea 30.05.2014 Interpreting

    Microsoft introduced real-time translation tool for Skype

    Before the end of this year, Microsoft plans to publish a beta Skype application that will enable real-time translation for people communicating in different languages.

    Skype Translator, as Microsoft calls it, is a project that Microsoft has been developing for more than ten years. The technology of real-time translation has previously been introduced by Microsoft in a speech held by Rick Rashid in China. Microsoft has recently published Bing Translator, which performs the same function as Skype Translator, only on Windows 8.

    Microsoft explains that ...

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  • Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

    Mario Vukičević 29.04.2014 Interpreting

    Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

    The rental of simultaneous interpretation equipment usually entails an interpretation booth, the necessary technical equipment, receivers for delegates, microphones and a PA system. In today`s blog post we have prepared a description of the simultaneous interpretation equipment we provide for our clients, in cooperation with our partners. We offer state-of-the-art digital simultaneous interpretation systems which distribute the translated languages using two basic methods: wirelessly or through a discussion system.

    For wireless distribution, we use the digital infra-red system INTEGRUS which is fully impervious to interference caused by lighting, mobile phones and similar sources ...

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  • Etymology of “bre"

    Miloš Matović 15.10.2013 Interpreting

    Etymology of “bre

    The localized Serbian list of “Chuck Norris Facts” features a joke about Chuck Norris having translated the word “bre” to English. The idea that a translation of a tiny little word takes the ridiculously absurd superpowers of the star of low-budget Kung-Fu movies clearly shows how deeply the idea of untranslatability of “bre” is rooted even among the people who are not translators.

    However, the idea of untranslatability is an extension of the idea of an undefined meaning. “Bre” can be heard among friends and foes alike, the word ...

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