• Managed Services in Language Industry

    Miloš Matović 02.02.2016 Consulting

    Managed Services in Language Industry

    The outsourcing model of Managed Services was originally developed in the early 1980s by MSPs (Managed Services Providers) from the IT industry. As technology rapidly spread into virtually every type of business, the concept of managed services came to include solutions from various industries, including the localization and translation services.

    Translation Project Management for Hire

    The Managed Services model essentially functions as a joint venture of two or more companies specialized in different fields.

    For example, if an organization or a company already has a ...

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  • New English Words - Part 1

    Miloš Matović 29.01.2016 Consulting

    New English Words - Part 1

    Every language is a living organism, adopting, creating and reflecting the new concepts from every area of human experience. English is the most widely used language of the Computer age and its lexical stock is expanded daily, with the new, mostly technology-related words. This series of articles features some of the most interesting new English words.

    App – Software, abbreviation of “application”. Audiophile – A person that enjoys sound and collects hi-end audio equipment and music media. Avatar – Not really a new word, but with a new meaning – an image that represents someone’s identity on ...
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  • Localization: the Key to the Future of International Business

    Miloš Matović 20.01.2016 Localization

    Localization: the Key to the Future of International Business

    The somewhat confusing terms such as internationalization, globalization, localization, regionalization, even the freshly-coined portmanteau words such as glocalization to complicate thing further are all around us. Definitions of these terms are many depending on the context and particularly the field of study, but the lines between them are often blurred.

    Going Local to Go Global

    In the realm of language services and business and marketing in general, localization is the process of adaption of internationalized content, products or services, to foreign languages, markets and cultures. The internationalized content is ...

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  • 5 Words Technology Borrowed from Nature

    Miloš Matović 08.01.2016 Consulting

    5 Words Technology Borrowed from Nature

    Although we tend to think of nature and technology as opposites, the truth is the concepts we know from nature are often mirrored in technological concepts. These are the five frequently used words technology borrowed from nature.


    Up until a few years ago, clouds were only visible in the skies. Nowadays, cloud is also a model of digital data storage accessible online.


    Once only microorganisms, viruses (or virii) are also malware computer programs.


    The first computer bug was an actual insect &ndash ...

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  • Which is Which: Differences between an LSP and Freelance Translators

    Miloš Matović 30.12.2015 Consulting

    Which is Which: Differences between an LSP and Freelance Translators

    When you embark on a translation or a localization project, you basically have two alternatives – you may use services of freelance translators or hire a translation agency. Although the goal of both approaches is essentially the same – your content gets translated to a foreign languages – there are substantial differences between working with freelance translators and an LSP. This article is about the most important of these differences.

    TEP process

    Most translation companies offer TEP (translate-edit-proofread) service by default and this means that your translation is carried ...

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