• Interesting Facts on English Language

    Miloš Matović 29.04.2016 Consulting

    Interesting Facts on English Language
    English is an official language in about 60 states. Approximately one new word is added to the English vocabulary every two hours. It is estimated that English has more than one million words. E is the most common letter in English. Every 1 out of 8 written letters is an E. More English words begin with an S than with any other letter. The most frequently used word in English is I. Queueing is the only word in English with 5 vowels in a row. Strengths is the longest word in English with only one vowel. Bookkeeper and bookkeeping ...
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  • Assessing Website Localization Prospectiveness: 5 Steps

    Miloš Matović 12.04.2016 Localization

    Assessing Website Localization Prospectiveness: 5 Steps

    Going global or adapting your website to several local markets is one of the smartest things you could do, but it does not come without its risks. The prospective new markets must be chosen wisely before the website localization and multilingual SEO teams kick in with their magic. This article features some of the tips that may help you choose the right course for your business expansion.

    1.Get Insight into the New Markets

    You probably already have at least an idea on what your ...

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  • What is Ampersand?

    Miloš Matović 08.04.2016 Consulting

    What is Ampersand?

    The ampersand is a logogram “&” meaning “and” that can be traced back to the days of the Roman Empire.

    The symbol originated around the 1st century CE by joining the letters E and T (“et” meaning “and” in Latin), underwent numerous stylistic changes and became widely used once again when printing press was invented in the 15th century.

    Ampersand was frequently listed as the final letter of the Latin scripts and this is where its English name comes from. In the Anglophone world ...

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  • Busting the Misconceptions: 8 Truths about Translation

    Miloš Matović 05.04.2016 Consulting

    Busting the Misconceptions: 8 Truths about Translation
    1.The Language Services Market is not Small

    Although it may be comparatively small, the language services market is in fact a sizable and a fast-growing one. It is estimated the market will reach the 37 billion USD mark by 2018, at an annual growth rate of 4.7%.  At this point, there are hundreds of thousands of translation companies and freelancers offering their services, and the most sought-after one is written translations, followed by simultaneous and consecutive interpreting and software localization.

    2 ...
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  • Evolution, Speed and Power of Communication

    Miloš Matović 22.03.2016 Consulting

    Evolution, Speed and Power of Communication

    The desire to communicate thoughts, feelings and ideas has been a human trait ever since the invention of writing systems, but the distance between the communities exchanging written content has always been a major obstacle.

    The first recorded mail system in the Western World was Roman Cursus publicus established between 62 BC and AD 14. Based on light carriages and fast horses, the cursus publicus was exclusively used for administrative and military purposes and it is estimated that it would carry letters at speed of around 100 km per day – at best ...

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