Translation (t9n) services relate to managing translations projects, written translation services and supporting services tied to translation such as proofreading or editing services. As our basic product translation includes a combination of language knowledge, specific subject matter knowledge, the use of advanced information and communication technology and the coordination of the entire process so it could be done according to the highest quality and effectiveness standards. It is important to stress speed, flexibility, quality and reliability during the entire translation process. By guaranteeing quality for all our products we take on the responsibility for the translations excellence and reliability. Our guarantee of quality has been recognized by many highly esteemed organizations, multinational corporations and brands, non-governmental and non-profit institutions, state institutions, sports clubs, law and notary offices and our other loyal clients. We can translate technical, legal, economic, pharmaceutical or medical content, marketing materials, tourist texts or other written material.

Our business is based on an approach tailor-made for the client and our desire to establish a partnership with our clients. Translation services are not a trinket produced in the Far East, which you can have huge sales for because the product will expire or is slow moving. This kind of sales will not be found at our company because translation as a product has a high degree of intellectual capital, expert experience and human resources incorporated. Our detailed approach and consistent application of procedures and quality standards ISO 9001 and EN 15038 will ensure the highest quality of service and translation.

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