Localization (l10n) is the process in which internationalized user manuals, documentation, websites (CMS systems), software or some other product is adjusted to the linguistic, cultural or political environment of the user or target market. Even though localization mainly consists of translating and adapting user manuals, documentation and websites (CMS systems), software or some other product into the target language, it also includes the adjustment of other technical details. Translation alone includes the interpretation of the source text by using vocabulary, grammatical rules and style of the target language and is only a part of localization.

Localization also includes the technical adaptation of content, adjustment of the text and pictures, a final check of materials and additional activities that go beyond the usual scope of the translation process. Localization of complicated products entails many other activities.

During localization the text of the document is taken out of the publishing form only to be returned when translated. This is a process in which the font and the graphic placement can be changed according to cultural environment or other elements. During the localizing process the text to be translated is pulled out of the programming code and returned there perhaps in a way that is shorter or longer in the new user interface. Pictures with text can be processed to include specific culturally changeable elements and so on.

Localization and translation can be equated only in the case of localizing very simple material like text documents that are not graphically designed.

CIKLOPEA localization team can localize the following:

  • User manuals and operating instructions,
  • Documentation,
  • Marketing materials,
  • Web pages,
  • Software,
  • Smartphone applications (iPhone i iPad Apps, Android Apps, Blackberry Apps, Windows Mobile Apps),
  • Audio and video recordings.

Supporting services:

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