Interpreting services consist of two basic subgroups of services: written interpreting (written translations with a certification by a court interpreter) and oral interpreting.

Written interpreting or written translations certified by a court interpreter entail translations that have legal validity and equivalence with the original, which is guaranteed by the certification of a court interpreter for a particular language. Written translations with the stamp of a certified court interpreter include certification of personal documents, certification of legal and court documents, certification of company documentation, certification of technical documentation, certification of medical and pharmaceutical documentation, and certified translations of other expert texts, files, certificates, decisions, etc.

The subgroup of oral interpretation is divided into consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting, as well as conference equipment rental and technical support in the organization of conferences, meetings and travel arrangements as supporting services in connection with oral interpretation services. With the help of his or her written notes, a consecutive interpreter translates a speech into the target language during pauses in the speaker’s presentation. The interpreter must fully adapt to the style and dynamic of each individual speaker's presentation and has to be accurate, precise, fast and flexible. Simultaneous interpreting takes place in an isolated booth and requires the highest level of concentration as the listening, content analysis and anticipation, as well as the translation into the target language, all take place at the same time. A simultaneous interpreter listens to the speaker and translates his or her speech at the same time. Simultaneous interpreting systems which consist of translation booths and systems for the distribution of multilingual signals are essential for simultaneous interpreting and are also included in our offer as a supporting service.

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