As an integral part of our translation or localization services, we provide free of charge consulting to our clients. We may advise you on best practices, regardless of the size of your projects and regardless of which language service provider you work with. Our consulting services cover a wide spectrum of advisory, managerial, education and other language services as well as the accompanying services which may present a part of our solutions. The consulting services we provide relate primarily to consulting in the translation or localization process, the services of translation or localization process management (Managed Services), language and intercultural consulting, education, copywriting, SEO consulting, writing SEO texts for websites (SEO Copywriting), writing multilingual SEO texts for websites (Multilingual SEO), and client support.

In the course of our previous business operations we have collaborated with companies from various industries, sectors, countries and sizes. Our range of experience makes us a highly competent potential business partner and consultant when it comes to strategic management in translation or localization process within the company or organization. We can analyze your needs, identify the shortcomings within the existing process and define the appropriate strategy. Thus we can save you time, reduce the costs and enable you to focus on your core business activity - by enabling the simultaneous improvement of both the quality and the consistency. By integrating translation and localization processes with your internal company processes we create tailor-made solutions for each client. Our team of experts will advise you and report on the best possible approach for each of your projects and recommend the possibilities to achieve, regardless of whether this includes the time, the costs or human resources.

Contact us in order to solve any uncertainties regarding the efficiency of your translation or localization processes, request additional information or order some of our consulting services.

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