CIKLOPEA works as a specialized outsourcing partner that provides complete language services and support. CIKLOPEA has a portfolio of services that are divided into four basic groups: translation, interpreting, localization and consulting services.

Translation services group are services that relate to managing translation projects, written translation services or services such as proofreading and editing. Interpreting services include notarization by court certified legal interpreters, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation and rental of technical conference equipment as well as consulting in conference, meeting and traveling arrangements. Localization services include localization, internationalization and globalization, as well layout, prepress (DTP – Desktop publishing) and proof checking services as well as supporting services related to localization. Consulting services cover a wide spectrum of advisory, managerial, educational as well as other services within the specific linguistic domain. These services relate to linguistic and intercultural consulting, consulting and management during the translation process, education, Copywriting, SEO consulting, SEO Copywriting and Multilingual SEO.

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