• Internet and SMS Acronyms

    Autor: Maja Peradin 06.03.2015 Consulting

    Internet and SMS Acronyms

    Internet and SMS communications have helped in the creation of a specific type of informal written communication we all know about. The SMS or chat message has to be conveyed in a fast and direct manner and with as few characters as possible. In addition to text, we also add images, symbols, and numbers and therefore we could say that SMS and Internet communication looks like a collection of encoded messages. These codes are, however, widely known. Or are they?

    While searching for Internet and SMS codes and acronyms, we were stunned by the amount of those ...

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  • What you need to know before making your website global

    Autor: Miloš Matović 03.03.2015 Consulting

    What you need to know before making your website global

    A website may be a product itself, with its content being its primary function at the same time, it may be an interactive platform for the distribution of the products and the tool of communication with customers and partners – or all of these things at the same time.

    Whatever the case may be, in this day and age a website is above all the interface of the enterprise, serving as an interactive bridge between the company and its customers or users.

    Making a website global means having it localized into one or more foreign ...

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  • The Oxymorons We Use Every Day

    Autor: Maja Peradin 27.02.2015 Consulting

    The Oxymorons We Use Every Day

    The oxymoron can certainly be considered to be one of the most popular figures of speech (provided that figures of speech are able to be popular at all, of course). By using oxymorons, we can express a very striking or humorous thought in a short form. However, even if the figures of speech are not something we think about too much, there are oxymorons we tend to use unconsciously. Let's remember, an oxymoron is a figure of speech that combines two conflicting notions, as in the expression “wise fool”. In this case, the opposite notions ...

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  • Demystifying Translation Agencies: The 6 Things you should Know About Translation Companies

    Autor: Miloš Matović 24.02.2015 Consulting

    Demystifying Translation Agencies: The 6 Things you should Know About Translation Companies

    Knowing how translation agencies really work before your translation and localization project may save you a lot of trouble, unrealistic expectations and, eventually, help you choose the right one. The fifth article in our Demystifying Translation Agencies series features a list of the things you should know about translation companies before even talking to one.

    Translation is often outsourced.

    In addition to their in-house translators, virtually all translation agencies use the services of freelance translators, depending on their expertise, level of professionalism and availability.  This does not mean that the quality of ...

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  • International Mother Language Day 2015

    Autor: Ciklopea 20.02.2015 Consulting

    International Mother Language Day 2015

    Since 2000 the 21st of February has been an observance day dedicated to the promotion of multilingualism and raising awareness of the linguistic heritage of the world. The International Mother Language Day was established by UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in 1999.

    It is impossible to calculate the exact number of all languages spoken in the world, but the estimated figure is about 7,000. Most of these languages (up to 90%) are endangered, as the majority of languages are spoken by small and isolated communities that are not ...

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