• What is Translation Proxy? (Video)

    Miloš Matović 25.08.2015 Consulting

    What is Translation Proxy? (Video)

    Websites featuring Google Translate or similar plugins that run instant translations of their written content at user’s request are nothing new. Now, imagine a similar technology that offers instant translations of a website instead of fully or partially localized versions of the website, but done in a professional manner, without the glitches and vagueness of ordinary machine translation. There is such a thing and it is called translation proxy.

    This type of translation services uses proxy servers to render multilingual versions of a website, i.e. the foreign-language version of a website ...

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  • Why Localize on Local Market?

    Miloš Matović 18.08.2015 Localization

    Why Localize on Local Market?

    The concept of localization is primarily associated with entering foreign markets. However, people prefer to use products and services in their native language wherever they are, so localizing to other official, semi-official or otherwise prominently used languages on a single market is a wise thing to do.

    There are three basic reasons to localize your products and services to other languages on a single market. The first is the financial one – your product or service will find its way to the customers who live in the same country, but speak other languages ...

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  • How the Continents Got their Names: Africa

    Miloš Matović 14.08.2015 Consulting

    How the Continents Got their Names: Africa

    The etymology of Africa remains shrouded in mystery. What is certain is that the continent got its name after the Roman province Africa Proconsularis, named after the Carthaginians whom the Romans called Afri and corresponding to the northern parts of the modern-day Tunisia, Algeria and Libya. After the 7th century Arab conquest of the area, it was called Ifriqiya, which is Arabic rendering of Latin Africa, but what is the ultimate origin of the Latin word remains uncertain.

    The Roman exonym for the Carthaginians was Afri and the most widely accepted theories connect ...

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  • Localization of Movies and TV Series

    Miloš Matović 11.08.2015 Localization

    Localization of Movies and TV Series
    There are two basic types of movie and TV series localization – subtitles and dubbing.
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  • Translation and Localization in Pro-Audio and Music Industry

    Miloš Matović 04.08.2015 Localization

    Translation and Localization in Pro-Audio and Music Industry

    Back in the days of vinyl and tapes, hearing a major artist singing in a foreign language was not all that unusual. David Bowie published singles in Italian, German and French, just like Dusty Springfield. The Beatles sang in German, Queen sang in Japanese and Spanish, even Michael Jackson and Sting recorded foreign language versions of their hits. It seems that the concept of localization at its purest form has been a part of the music industry ever since its inception.

    Nowadays, however, as the music industry has largely turned into the IT ...

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