• Easily Misused Words in English – Part One

    Autor: Miloš Matović 23.01.2015 Consulting

    Easily Misused Words in English – Part One

    English is an incredibly rich language whose massive wordstock also features words that may sound or feel similar and are therefore easy to confuse. Unlike the differences in meaning, the orthographic and phonetic differences between these words are sometimes so subtle that even the computers get confused.

    Some of the most commonly misused English words are:

    • affect / effect – While effect is a noun denoting result or a consequence of an action, affect is a verb meaning “having influence on something”.

    • alternately / alternatively – While alternately means “in turns, repeatedly, one after ...

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  • Demystifying Translation Agencies: How to Select a Translation Agency

    Autor: Miloš Matović 20.01.2015 Consulting

    Demystifying Translation Agencies: How to Select a Translation Agency

    International business will inevitably require the services of a translation vendor, but choosing the right one among the thousands of freelance translators, translation agencies and localization companies worldwide is never an easy task.

    The choice of a translation agency must be a wise one, as the overall success of a business on a foreign market will also depend on the quality of the translation and localization to a significant degree. The second article in our Demystifying Translation Agencies series features a list of guidelines designed to help you identify a good and reliable language service ...

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  • Demystifying Translation Agencies: A Smart Client’s Guide

    Autor: Miloš Matović 13.01.2015 Consulting

    Demystifying Translation Agencies: A Smart Client’s Guide

    When a business is about to go global and reach international customers, one of the primary tasks that requires special attention is an effective and accurate conveying of the business’s message in the target language. The content that will eventually reach foreign customers will be translated, localized and, in some cases, transcreated by a translation agency. Regardless of the type and size of the business and regardless of the type of product or service, its message to the international customers will ultimately be the work of translators and its final impact and quality will largely depend on their skills ...

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  • Words of the Year 2014

    Autor: Miloš Matović 30.12.2014 Consulting

    Words of the Year 2014

    The American Dialect Society, the organisation that first introduced the assessment of the English word of the year back in 1990, will reveal their word of 2014 in January 2015 as per tradition. However, other organisations have already published their selection of words that have marked the year behind us.

    Oxford’s lexicographers chose the word vape, a verb meaning to inhale and exhale the vapour produced by an electronic cigarette. The increasing popularity of e-cigarettes over the past year or two has surely helped bring the word to the top of the list, but the choice of the ...

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  • Is it ‘Merry Christmas’ or is it ‘Happy Christmas’?

    Autor: Miloš Matović 23.12.2014 Consulting

    Is it ‘Merry Christmas’ or is it ‘Happy Christmas’?

    It is the Christmas season, the time of the year when the somewhat dated adjective ‘merry’ is used every day. The phrases “Merry Christmas!” and “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!” as well as the religiously neutral “Happy holidays!” can be heard and seen everywhere from late November to early January every year – in the United States. In the United Kingdom, Ireland and in the Commonwealth countries, however, the preferred greeting is “Happy Christmas!”

    The phrase “Merry Christmas!” was first coined in England in the 16th ...

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