• Localization of Owner’s Manuals and User Guides

    Autor: Miloš Matović 28.10.2014 Localization

    Localization of Owner’s Manuals and User Guides

    Owner’s manuals or instruction manuals are detailed instructional texts supplied with almost all advanced technical products, from mobile phones to vehicles and musical instruments. Instruction manuals are supplied in a wide range of formats, such as books, booklets, CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, or electronically as PDF files. Manuals supplied with computer software are called user guides.

    Owner’s manuals typically include highly detailed safety instructions, instructions for setup or installation, normal usage instructions, maintenance and troubleshooting instructions, as well as regulatory code compliance information, warranty information, list of service locations and a product’s technical specifications. Depending on the type ...

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  • Greek Loanwords in South Slavic Languages

    Autor: Miloš Matović 24.10.2014 Consulting

    Greek Loanwords in South Slavic Languages

    Scientific and humanistic terms encountered in the vast majority of European languages such as psychology, biology, history, atom, mathematics, physics, chaos, democracy and phenomenon are, logically (another Greek loanword) the first words that most of people think of whenever Greek loanwords are mentioned.

    However, most of these internationally used terms were introduced into standard Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian in more recent times, while the influence of Greek on Slavic – and particularly South Slavic languages – has been going on for centuries, on multiple levels and sometimes embedded within the influence of other languages, most notably Latin, Italian, Ottoman ...

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  • Marketing Localization

    Autor: Miloš Matović 21.10.2014 Localization

    Marketing Localization

    Marketing campaigns and marketing materials are usually built around and heavily rely upon taglines, catchy idiomatic expressions, phrases or slogans that convey not only essential information about a product, but also an entire set of implied aspects of the lifestyle of the target audience in relation to a product. While a certain tagline may work perfectly in one language or culture, it may be either entirely lost in translation, or gain an unwanted offensive, absurd or downright bad connotation when translated to another. Non-textual marketing content is also subject to localization, just as colour, images or sounds may have different ...

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  • Localization of Android Apps

    Autor: Miloš Matović 14.10.2014 Localization

    Localization of Android Apps

    A massive share of over 84 percent of the world market of mobile operating systems, 255.3 million devices shipped in 2014 as of August – a 33.3% market growth in the same year, and over one billion active users are the staggering figures that show the self-evident fact that Google Android is the world’s most popular and fastest-growing mobile operating system. With Google Play, an open marketplace for the distribution of Android Apps reaching a constantly expanding base of hundreds of millions of users who download more than 1.5 billion apps every month, the localization of ...

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  • Website Localization, Translation and Globalization

    Autor: Miloš Matović 07.10.2014 Localization

    Website Localization, Translation and Globalization

    Globalization, translation and localization of a website are the three processes that will make your website ready for international audiences. Although these processes are linked, they are also separate and distinctive and concern different aspects of website building. This article is a survey of website globalization, translation and localization and the connections and differences between the three processes.

    Website globalization (also abbreviated as G11n) is the process of the design and preparation of a website to be ready for localization and translation. The aim of globalization is the creation of a generic structure that will retain the desired design ...

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